Entry #7

Newgrounds Gamejam

2010-07-16 18:08:40 by monkokio

So I've been away from Newgrounds for a long time now ( doing great stuff I assure you ). But I did manage to give some time back to the community this past weekend.

I participated in the first Newgrounds Game Jam!
All participants were given 48 hours and 3 RANDOM teammates. At the end of the 48 hours, we were expected to have a game fitting the theme of 'Summer Heat.' I served as the programmer for Team Monkey (how appropriate) along with JordanD(artist), Rutger(artist), and FourSwordsKing(writer).

I was hesitant to join, because I was busy for 1 of the 2 days, but nathanielmulburn convinced me to give it a shot anyways. Well, I contributed my available 24 hours and this is what we made:

[[ Play Jeremy Bongstarr ]]

I'm very proud of what we accomplished in such a short timeframe.


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2010-07-16 21:12:55

You and Jordan gonna talk about updates this week-end?


2010-07-17 01:21:06

Dude! Jeremy Bongstarr was wicked! You should totally make more!

*fanboy scream*


2011-09-18 18:55:07

dead again?